Partridge Animal Hospital

January is National Train Your Dog Month

Bob Killam holding a dog he trained

Bob Killam is owner and head trainer of Einstein Canine. Bob loves training and providing dog owners with a new lease on life with their best friend.

He has been training dogs for eight years and has a couple thousand dogs under his belt. There isn’t much he hasn’t seen and can’t help you with & we are excited to partner with him for January’s National Train Your Dog Month

Bob will be in our office every Tuesday of January from the hours of 9am-12pm to answer any questions clients may have.

Clients that sign up through our hospital will have 10% off one Einstein Canine Program.
Sign up in our office today, consultations are FREE!

dog standing in front of Einstein Canine Obedience Training van
two dogs sitting on a tree stump with a tennis ball
dog sitting on a training mat