Partridge Animal Hospital

May is Hurricane Preparedness Month

small dog in doghouse

Start preparing for Hurricane Season which begins June 1st!
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We encourage our pet owners to start preparing for this year’s hurricane season starting June 1st.


  1. Start by learning where the pet friendly shelters are in the Pinellas County area, and figure out which one suits your needs best.

  • Palm Harbor University High School
  • 1900 Omaha St.
  • Palm Harbor

  • Largo High School
  • 410 Missouri Ave. N.
  • Largo

  • Gibbs High School
  • 850 34th St. S.
  • St. Petersburg

If by chance there is a hurricane headed our way, print out the registration form and bring it with you to the shelter if you are in need of taking cover.

Keep in mind:
Animal shelters, such as Pinellas County Animal Services, the Humane Society, and the SPCA, cannot accept your pets. It’s always best to plan ahead because you cannot assume kennels, hotels and motels will accept your pets. Make sure they are “pet-friendly.”

  1. Gather a Disaster kit for your pet if you are planning on evacuating! Below is a list of must-have supplies:
  • Proper Identification
  • Immunization records
  • County license rabies tag
  • Food and water (2 wks. supply)
  • A carrier or portable kennel
  • Medications
  • Muzzle, collar, and leash
  • Manual can opener
  • Current photo of pet
  • Feeding and water bowls
  • Favorite toys and blanket
  • Cat litter/pan and scoop
  • Grooming items
  • Plastic bags to handle waste

After the Storm:

Being prepared for after a storm is just as important as preparing yourself for before! Once you return home with your pets, we recommend walking them on a leash until they get acclimated to their home again.

Watch out for reptiles that may have washed in from the storm that weren’t necessarily there before, you want to make sure your pets don’t go near them. Monitor your pets behavior upon your return home, as they can be a little temperamental for awhile as they are getting back into their routines.

For more hurricane preparedness tips, please visit Pinellas County Pet Preparedness.